Stop Thumb Sucking

Nipit Hand Stopper

PROS:  100% effective when worn, ULTRA soft and comfortable, stays on and keeps hands free, washable. CONS:  Not suitable for babies (kids under 3), one color option....

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ACE bandage

PROS:  Inexpensive, can be effective when kept on with a motivated child CONS:  Difficult to put on, kids take it off easily. The ace bandage has been recommended for decades by dentists to help kids break the thumb sucking habit.  A 4″ wide elastic bandage can be found at any drugstore for $5 -$12 dollars.  When the bandage is wound around the arm, along crook of the elbow, the bulk of the material puts pressure on the muscles and tendons, creating uncomfortable resistance as the arm is bent.  The child will have to strain to keep their thumb in the mouth.  At nighttime, when the child is relaxed and sleeping, thumb sucking is often involuntary.  The bandage often provides...

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