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What are you dealing with, what have you learned, how did you succeed? Most parents visit our community, research thumb sucking teeth and other potential problems with finger sucking, they find ways to stop thumb sucking, and then leave.

And that is totally okay! However, our really special visitors received some value from all our hard work and return the favor by leaving some value for other parents. If you have some information or an experience of value to share, or something funny to lighten the mood, please share! Websites like these exist because like-minded people share real-world experiences with each other. Feel free to upload a picture of thumb sucking teeth to inform moms and dads, or even better – share a photo of your child who succeeded in quitting the habit and memorialize the triumph!

On the other hand, parents who are struggling with the thumb sucking habit of their little child should be aware of its consequences. These small concerns should be taken seriously as they can affect your child’s health later on.

Some of them are:

So, it’s always a good idea to stop the habit at its nascent stage or else thumb sucking alone can affect teeth and other health issues.

If you are in the process of stopping the habit of thumb sucking, do not hesitate to share your story with us.