Cheap Tools & Products for a Nail Biting Treatment

If you or a loved one can’t seem to break the nail biting habit, you’re not alone.  Chronic nail biting is a challenge for almost 30% of Americans, and it can be an ongoing problem with negative effects on your health. Not only is this habit unsightly, but it may also conjure up health complications…

Benefits of Thumb Sucking - a Couple More Years Won't Hurt

How will it affect the child when you make them stop sucking their thumb? I mean they suck their thumbs for comfort so what do you do to keep them from being emotionally hurt?

In today’s society, thumbsucking is often met with negative connotations. If you’re a parent you’ve probably recognized benefits of thumb sucking, and are wondering if the pros outweigh the cons. For babies especially, there’s rarely any harm to thumb or finger sucking. The sucking is a big source of comfort and security for your baby, but there is an age when it should stop.

Motivation – for Kids Four and Up, Motivation is Key to Success

Your child wants to please you and craves your attention. Your happiness is theirs and vice versa. Motivating a child to quit thumb sucking starts with positive feedback. Praise success, and motivate with small rewards and positive attention when your child is not doing the behavior.

The worst thing you can do is yell or reprimand. Calling attention to the habit through punishment does not usually work to stop the behavior (and may even increase it!). Finger sucking is a source of comfort and security for your child, and it is incredibly difficult for them to give it up. So most importantly, you must have patience.