How To Stop Nail Biting

STS’s proven method to stop chewing nails


To stop nail biting for good it takes about one week for each year.

  • So if your child has been chewing nails for two years you should expect two weeks to fully break the nail biting habit.
  • Adults that have intensely bitten nails for ten years should plan on two and a half months to fully stop.


Most people who use bitter nail biting polish stop nail biting within three days, but then start up again.


People who quit for good take stopping seriously. They use a daily tracker to monitor progress and boost confidence, keep their finger tips and cuticles smooth and looking good, and continue to apply nail biting polish for 30 days after their nails grow back.

  • Nail biting intense habit, affects up to 30% of kids and 10% of adults.
  • Many deleterious effects, including the obvious spreading of germs, painful and bleeding nail edges, damaged teeth, public embarrassment, and degraded self-confidence to name a few.

How to Stop Nail Biting Step by Step

  1. Choose a high strength, the more “bitter the better” – you want to be shocked when you taste it so you’re quickly reminded not to put your fingers into your mouth.
  2. Use a soft nail file to smooth out the rough edges, so you are not tempted to pick at them.
  3. Trim hangnails so the entire finger tip is smooth and you do not draw attention to your fingers as the nails regrow.
  4. Track your progress at the end of each day, by writing down how you did that day. Journaling has proven to dramatically increase success rates and only takes one minute per day.
  5. Consistency, consistency, consistency. Even when you feel that you’ve broken the habit, continue applying the nail polish, grooming the fingernails and monitoring progress for one week per year of nail biting. For long-time nail biters this may seem like a long time, but it is necessary.
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The only 3-in-1 KIT with everything you need

  • Many choices of products to help stop nail biting, including home remedies.
  • We’ve all heard of using hot sauce on the fingers, but don’t do this, because it will accidentally get into the eyes and burn terribly.
  • Choosing the Best Nail Biting Polish
    • Very strong, look for maximum strength.
    • Safety first. Do not buy from unknown brands or China because they can include harmful chemicals.
    • Buy a nail grooming set to keep finger nails short and hangnails trimmed.
  • This website has collected, tested and reviewed all of the leading anti-nail biting polish products. This site includes community feedback and you are encouraged to share your experience and recommendations on the “product review” pages. Your experience is valuable.