Benefits of Thumb Sucking

by Jane Sarrow

How will it affect the child when you make them stop sucking their thumb? I mean they suck their thumbs for comfort so what do you do to keep them from being emotionally hurt? In today’s society, thumbsucking is often met with negative connotations. If you’re a parent you’ve probably recognized benefits of thumb sucking,…

When should my child stop pacifier sucking?

by Dr. Chris Hill, DDS, MD

Every parent has one ultimate priority – to comfort our children in every situation.  A pacifier is one of these well-known devices designed to soothe children. They are here to help, but sometimes they can disserve us. Offering comfort is not always easy. Sometimes it needs you to dive into it completely and sometimes it…

10 Animals with Thumb Sucking Teeth

by Jane Sarrow

Thumb sucking often results in permanent damage to the teeth if not taken care of. Though they do not have a thumb to suck on, some animals are created with thumb sucking teeth that will almost convince you that some intense thumb sucking happened at some point early in their life. Just like human thumb…

Is thumb sucking bad for babies?

by Jane Sarrow

There are often concerns of thumb sucking in infants and babies. For babies, there’s rarely any harm to thumb or finger sucking. The sucking is a big source of comfort and security for your baby. Thumb and finger sucking is natural and soothing, and about 20% of babies do it within the first year of life. Although is never too early to break the habit, it may be better to ween your baby off gradually.