9 dog thumb sucking teeth

10 Animals with Thumb Sucking Teeth

Thumb sucking often results in permanent damage to the teeth if not taken care of. Though they do not have a thumb to suck on, some animals are created with thumb sucking teeth that will almost convince you that some intense thumb sucking happened at some point early in their life. Just like human thumb sucking teeth, the animals have all manners of misaligned teeth: overbites, underbites, crossbites, and uneven gaps, among others. A look at the pictures below will elaborate more on thumb sucking teeth in animals.

1 horse thumb sucking teeth

Yikes!  This animal has a very conspicuous overbite. This could probably be the most stubborn thumb sucker if there was such a habit in the animal world. It looks like it has just tasted the bitter nail polish and it is now bracing itself for a persistent thumb sucking session, with or without the bitter taste!

2 dog thumb sucking teeth

This is another animal whose “thumb sucking teeth” tell it all. The underbite seems to make the animal develop some self-pity and low self-esteem. If it had any idea of braces, it would spend any amount of money to correct the horrible look.

3 dog thumb sucking teeth

he thumb sucking teeth misalignment will not stop this creature from smiling gorgeously. It has decided to accept it and move on with life.

4 hiena thumb sucking teeth

This would be a perfect example of an animal which has finally managed to remove a physical obstructive device I order to continue with thumb sucking; the happiness is beyond explanation. The teeth can tell that this is a veteran thumb sucker.

5 gremlin thumb sucking teeth

The animal in this picture looks like it has excess teeth, just because of poor arrangement. If this was a human being, the inference you could have is that no amount of nail polish could have deterred thumb sucking here.

7 dog thumb sucking teeth

This is another picture that demonstrates the most crooked thumb sucking teeth. This just makes the capture ugly!

8 dog thumb sucking teeth

This is probably the best illustration of an underbite. The animal looks like the lower teeth are badly biting the upper lip whenever the poor animal closes its mouth. The pain can be seen on the face!

9 dog thumb sucking teeth

The resemblance is remarkable!  The incisors of this animal are nearly identical to the thumb sucking teeth in the second picture. Obstructive devices should have been used to avoid such results if only they existed in the animal kingdom

10 boy thumb sucking teeth

This animal has a serious cross bite; one wonders how it manages to chew its food. The thumb sucking teeth must really be hurting the jaws during feeding.

Thumb sucking is not a habit that exists among animals. Apparently, some of these animals have dental formula that you would easily confuse with the thumb sucking teeth among human thumb suckers.

That leaves a major question that one would ask himself; if human beings did not have a thumb sucking habit, would we still have some people with misaligned teeth as in animals?