Dr. Finger Reviews

Dr. Finger Reviews

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Inexpensive and soft.

Can be easily removed and breaks easily.

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The Dr. Finger thumb sucking aid is a low-cost, and poorly made, alternative to other better quality thumb guards.  Dr. Finger is designed to prevent thumb sucking in babies and small children, from ages 12-months to 5 years (the finger sucking treatment kit runs a bit large).  It is composed of a silicone cap that covers the thumb and is secured to the child’s wrist using the silicone belt and buckle.  There are many color options to choose from purple, white, yellow and pink; and included with the product is a pouch to keep the thumbsucking device.

dr finger thumb guard

The Dr. Finger is made of a soft silicone that feels comfortable at first.  The material is too soft and it can be pulled off unless tightened well, but when tightened it can rub the delicate skin between the thumb and pointer finger.  There are disadvantages that make the product simply not work for many parents. The softness, design and overall quality of the material contributes to three issues:

  • The thumb can easily be slipped out of the finger cover.
  • The buckle can easily be undone by a child with basic motor skills.
  • The quality is low causes it to break in different ways, and may actually become a choking hazard!
dr finger reviewThe Dr. Finger is almost like a pacifier and the child may suck on it if they cannot reach the thumb.  The oral fixation is not ended with this device, as it is designed to end thumb sucking – kids often transfer their habit to chewing on finger covers.  The child cannot develop their pinching grip wearing this device.  If kids wear the silicone thumb guard for an extended period of time, like more than a month or so, it may cause a delay in development.

If you are intent on saving about $20 and chose to give the Dr. Finger a try, you have better chances if your child is a toddler or younger child since they may not have developed the dexterity to take it off.

Dr. Finger may benefit your child if he/she has developed sores on the nail or thumb that can not heal. This product shields the thumb from slobber and wetness allowing the finger to heal.  Other thumb guards do not fully cover the thumb, so it will still get wet and may not allow the thumb to heal. When using this product long term there may be some blistering or sore areas on the hand or wrist from rubbing against the silicone.

If you need just a little extra help and your child isn’t too fussy, and you want to save a little money, Dr. Finger may stop your child from sucking thumb, but be prepared to buy a more robust product the it does not put an end to it as hoped.

A lot of helicopter parenting is needed to have success making thumb sucking stop with Dr. Finger. The parent needs to make sure the child is wearing the device and not taking it off.


  • Dr. Finger is a low-cost, low-quality thumb guard.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Doesn’t stay on, breaks and can be choking hazard.
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