How To Stop Thumb Sucking or Finger Sucking

Finger sucking and Thumb sucking is serious business for children. Digit sucking, as it is technically called in the medical field, is the first addition your child has ever known. And breaking an addiction, whether two years old or thirty-two years old, is difficult and needs plan in order to succeed.  Think of any habit you have ever had, and ask yourself if you could break the habit by accident or hope alone, most likely the answer is ‘no.’

Many people find cheap anti nail biting polish and hope for the best without really thinking about the problem. Don’t, you may regret it. It is so important that your child have successful with breaking their first habit, which will build an important confidence in your child at this critical age. So make sure you do your research first.

Is your child is old enough to want to stop finger sucking? Are they feeling pressure from you, or social pressure from siblings or friends at school? Typically once kids get into first grade they may become a little self-conscious, or want to feel grown up, and they realize that finger sucking holds them back. And it does. Talk to your child why they want to stop finger sucking.

Before creating a treatment plan – and before reading further – for you two to work on together, ask yourself:

  • Is my child a daytime or nighttime finger sucker?
  • One a scale of 1-10 how strong is the finger sucking habit?
  • On a scale of 1-10 how much does he/she want to stop sucking?
  • Is this a low stress time in our life, and do I have up to 30 days to closely monitor?
  • Am I willing to invest $20-$50 in finger sucking prevention?

If you are still unsure if this is the right time for you to stop, take the 2-3 minutes finger sucking test to find out if this is the right time for your child to quit, and the best approach for you. Next, create a 30-day program with your child, create a motivational system with positive reinforcement and small rewards for incremental success – you will need a calendar. Stickers work great for tracking progress. They must be able to visually see the progress and them making progress towards the end goal. Their goal will be more about the reward, than overcoming the challenge. Let your child select a $5-$10 item they want as a reward, and keep reminding them they are getting closer to the reward and show progress on the chart.

PROVEN METHOD – We invested a lot of time researching and pulling together data from parents like you have succeeded, and failed, in helping their kids break the finger sucking habit. All of this data is distilled into the easy to follow proven proven method on how to stop thumb or finger sucking.

BEWARE – stop nail biting polish for thumb sucking only works on children who are highly motivated to quit and have outgrown anti thumb sucking devices. See the full review on Mavala Stop for more information.

Now if you are taking this seriously and you’re really ready to stop digit sucking, then consider spending up to $50 on more serious products that were specifically designed to stop finger sucking. This website offers reviews of the best finger sucking products, so take five or ten minutes and do your research. In addition to a motivational and reward program, these tools can be a big help as they increase their willingness to participate. And if your child is involved in the process and actually wants to wear a device to stop finger sucking, then they become part of the solution. And when they finally break the habit their confidence, and social interaction will improve. Good luck!