Bitter Nail Polish For Kids

Children have a lot of interesting and sometimes disgusting habits. Whether it’s nose-picking, chewing toenails, or BITING FINGERNAILS, breaking these habits can be an uphill battle. Children don’t naturally have a lot of self-control yet, so it can take creativity to get them to stop. Parents always do their best to help their children unlearn some of these habits, but they are difficult to break. For children who bite their nails down to the quick and leave their fingers shredded and bleeding, it might take more than the promise of extra treats for them to quit. 

The good news is that there are products on the market to help children stop biting their nails. The bad news is that it’s tough to discern whether these products will help and if they are even safe for kids. Some clever person, maybe it was a parent, or someone who used to chew on their own nails discovered that kids won’t bite their nails if they taste bad. They figured out how to stop nail biting and it’s as simple as this—stop putting them in your mouth. The less often a child puts their fingers in their mouth to bite their nails, the less they will want to, and eventually, the habit will break. 

What Can I Put on My Child’s Nails to Stop Biting? 

There are several ways to approach the issue of nail biting. With kids, however, it becomes challenging because they tend to put their fingers in their mouths already making nail biting a tricky habit to break. You could spray something on their fingertips that taste terrible to them, but this can easily be washed off. That’s why nail polish to stop biting nails for kids is so effective. You can’t wash it off right away, and the bitter taste is repulsive to most children. With this polish on their nails, every time they put their fingers to their lips, the taste will be so revolting, they will start doing it less and less. 

What is Bitter Tasting Nail Polish?

A child with bitter tasting nail polish
Bitter tasting nail polish can help reduce nail biting in children

There are two types of nail biting products out there. One of them is safe and effective, using extremely bitter ingredients to keep children from biting their nails. The other type may be unsafe and lead to frustration. Once the polish dries on the nails, it leaves the flavor behind. Some of the nail polishes contain a variety of chemicals like most traditional nail polishes but also incorporates an ingredient that alerts the biter that their fingers are in their mouth to help reduce the incidence of nail biting. Not all bitter nail polishes for kids are created equal. Some are shiny, some are easier to apply than others. Some polishes can be expensive, while others may give you accessories for free. Some other bitter nail polishes are made in uncontrolled Chinese factories and their quality may be questionable. Clearly, there are many polishes to choose from. Read on for details about various bitter nail polish products on the market today so you can make the best choice for your child.  

Bitter Nail Polish Products for Kids 

Honest 10 

Honest 10 is the top-recommended product for treating nail biting habits because it is the strongest bitter formula available so it works especially well for kids. This is a preferred product because it includes vitamin E, and it is safety tested to strict requirements to ensure it will not harm your child. It increases the awareness of a child’s nail biting habit and creates the hesitation to bite their nails the next time they have an urge. This is also the only product that comes as a complete “kit” for a great price, offering the bitter liquid treatment, nail file, hangnail trimmer, and a calendar to track progress. These items purchased separately would cost up to $10 more, so you’re saving money with the Honest 10 kit.

Onyx Professional Stop The Bite 

This is one of many bitter nail polish for kids products on the market that delivers average results. What makes theirs unique is that it can be used twice a day. The active ingredient that deters most children from biting their fingernails when they use Onyx Professional Stop The Bite is Denatonium Benzoate. Because of its extremely bitter taste, most kids won’t lick their fingers more than once if this stuff is on their nails.  

Mavala Stop

Mavala Stop is a popular nail biting product on the market because it has been selling for more than 30 years. However, it is not recommended because there are safety concerns regarding the polish ingredients and it sells at a high price. It does have a strong bitterness, and when the nail polish dries on your child’s fingernails, it leaves an unpleasant taste to deter nail biting. It’s important to note that this product is best for the occasional nail biter as the active ingredient should not be ingested.

Magique NoBite 

If your child is one of those who bite their nails in spite of bad, bitter taste, then Magique NoBite might be an option to try. The bitterness level can be adjusted to make nail biting even less palatable. However, mixing the bitter additive into the base solution can be messy. It’s free from toluene and many of the other chemicals in most regular nail polish products making it safer for kids. It may fall short of a nail-biting deterrent because it does not last as long as other products.

Ella + Mila No More Biting 

Parents who are worried about how to stop nail biting can easily paint Ella + Mila “No More Biting” on their child’s nails and it is supposed to last for up to two weeks. It is free from many of the traditional chemicals in most nail polish products, so it can be used on children as young as one year old. Be aware that results for this product vary, and there are also reports of slight yellowing of nails in some cases.

Is Bitter Nail Polish Safe for Kids?

Parents are concerned about the products they use on their children – as they should be

Many parents are worried about the safety of bitter nail polish for kids. This concern is understandable because when they chew or suck on their nails they ingest a very small amount. For this reason, it is recommended to only choose a product that has been safety tested.  Avoid products made in China because they cannot be 100% trusted, and look for honest transparency from the company about its ingredients.


Nail biting in kids is a habit that is a concern for parents because it can grow into an obsession, spread germs, and really looks terrible.  It can leave cuticles and nail beds with painful wounds and tears. It takes time to heal, and when a child bites their nails multiple times a day, this healing is delayed. Furthermore, fingers pick up a lot of harmful germs and putting them in the mouth frequently can put children at a greater risk of sickness. This is why companies created specialized nail biting polish for kids, which helps kids break the habit in just 3-21 days for most kids. These most popular products help kids stop putting their nails in their mouths because they taste terrible. Be sure to choose a safe product that has been safety tested. For parents desperate for a solution, it might be worth giving one of these products a try. 

Shop now for the best nail-biting solutions to help your child kick the habit and maintain healthier habits!”