Magique NoBite Review

Magique NoBite Review

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Can be effectively used for kids older than four when paired with another thumb stopping product.

Young kids are not discouraged by the taste, does not work while sleeping.

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What is Magique No Bite?



Magique No-Bite includes a bitter additive in their anti-nail biting formula to stop nail biting and stop thumb sucking.  The taste of Magique NoBite will surprise you with its strong bitter taste, and is a good reminder not to put the fingers in the mouth during the daytime (at night the taste buds are sleeping too).  This polish may work for adults, or kids that have the habit of nail biting, but it does not work well for thumb sucking or with younger children.  This no bite nail polish can be found at Walmart, Walgreens or Amazon.

Although Magique seems like it will work equally for nail biting and thumb sucking, it does not. It is important to understand how the bad tasting polish works, and if it is so bad that your child will definitely not put their fingers in their mouth.  What do you think is worse for your child –not sucking or enduring a bad taste?  Many children get used to the bad taste in just a day or so.  If you are thinking about No Bite nail polish for toddlers, we recommend you consider something else that will physically prevent the thumb from being sucked on.

Anti-Nail Biting Polish DOES NOT WORK for thumb suckers. It is designed for daytime nail biters – and only offers a little reminder. Obviously won’t work while your child is sleeping and their taste buds are turned off. Children under four years old don’t dislike the taste because they haven’t yet developed taste buds to dislike it yet. Nail polish was developed for nails, not thumbs.


How to Use Magique NoBite

You don’t have to be an expert at applying nail polish to use this product.  If you decide to buy this product, you can chose either the brush applicator or dropper.  The brush is recommended for ease of use.  For nail biters, just cover the edge of the fingernails and cuticles.  For thumb suckers, cover the entire thumb nail and cuticles.  Magique NoBite requires just two smooth strokes for an even application and dries in less than two minutes.  With normal hand washing and bathing, you can expect it to stay potent for a couple days, then you will need to re-apply.  Continue to use this product for a full 30 days after the habit seems to have subsided to break the habit completely.


Magique No Bite Ingredients

Most people want to know what is going on their hands and into their mouth (especially their children’s mouth).  Below is the list of Magique NoBite ingredients:

  • Butyl Acetate
  • Ethyl Acetate
  • Phthalic Anhydride/Trimellitic
  • Anhydride/Glycols Copolymer
  • Nitro Cellulose
  • Acetyl Tributyl citrate
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Denatonium Benzoate


Top 5 Ways People Break The Nail Biting Habit

First, apply Magique NoBite bitter nail polish as described above.  In addition, try one or several of these options to avoid biting nails and cuticles:

  • Figure out why the nail biting is happening. Think about when it happens and what the triggers are that cause it to start.  Once you are aware of the situations where it starts you can begin to deal with the root cause, or at least have some alternatives for nervous energy relief available such as stress balls or fidget cubes.
  • Wear lightweight gloves, put one under the sofa cushion, one in the office, etc.  Whenever the habit would normally occur, be proactive and put on the gloves.  The less the habit occurs the more the mind will be trained not to do it.  Be especially conscientious of wearing gloves during times of increased stress, like watching an action movie or doing math homework.
  • stopnailbitingReward yourself and treat your fingers well, put on hand moisturizer with vitamin E, which encourages healthy nails. If you are a woman get a manicure at the salon, even if you are feeling embarrassed about the shortness of your nails.  This will help encourage you to avoid nail biting.
  • Condition yourself. Put an elastic hairband on your wrist for 21 days and give it a snap each time you notice your fingers drifting towards your mouth.  For a new discipline such as this to take permanent effect, it must be done consistently for 21 days.

Take better care of your nails.  Clip them regularly and consider using a file.  If they’re well groomed with no hang-nails or pointy edges, there will be no nail to bite.  Keep a nail file and nail clipper with you at all times – get several sets and put one in the car, one at home, and one at work, so you always have it available.


Top 5 Most Common Reasons for Nail Biting

Many people bite their nails because of anxiety, including kids.  Nail biting is a common habit that can be embarrassing and seemingly impossible to stop.  Here are top reasons for nail biting:

  • nail biterYou strive for perfectionism. Although the nails appears just the opposite, in the moment the chewer is trying to make them even and smooth.  This is traced to being self-conscious.
  • You’re With nothing else to keep you occupied, you start rubbing the nail along a tooth and before you know it you’ve pulled off a bit, and then the perfectionism kicks in.
  • You are feeling anxious. The habit of chewing nails is an easy and common outlet for displaced stressful energy, much like scratching the head or tapping a finger.
  • You may suffer from a disorder like OCD, even if mild. It does not take much to set off an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  Nail biting that results in frequent bleeding is a sign of OCD.
  • You’re young.  Research into nail biting shows that more than 75% of nail biters are below the age of 18.  Teenagers are known for being nail biters because of the added stress of high school.  The habit decreases with age, usually because the person makes a decision to quit and follows a plan.
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  1. Magique worked for us! My twelve year old nail biter spit and spit, couldn’t stand it – so me happy. Looking here for other options, but I think I’ll stick with this one. Need to buy another.