TGuard AeroFinger Review

TGuard AeroFinger Review

Price: $70

Sanitary & Health
Ease of Use
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Soft plastic, breaks vacuum so sucking is not pleasurable, good company support.

Extra $25 for bracelets, collects slobber and germs, cannot wash hands, difficult to use

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A child with the finger sucking habit may easily switch to sucking another finger on the same hand, or the opposite hand, making stopping the finger sucking habit a bit more challenging than quitting thumb sucking. While the TGuard Aerofinger covers the preferred fingers, you should be prepared to buy a second Aerofinger if your child switches hands. Your child may receive equal satisfaction by switching fingers they suck on, making the problem hard to address.

The AeroFinger is for the serious finger sucker because it can be made extremely difficult to remove, and can be effective when the included program is followed.  Sometimes just putting on the product for a few days is motivation enough for the child to stop fingersucking.

tguard aerofinger age 6

As with all TGuard hand covers, the Aerofinger treatment kit 30 disposable bracelets are included. Be aware though, that there is a good chance you will run out.  Every time you need to remove the TGuard for hand washing, or after it gets dirt or slobber trapped inside, you must cut the bracelet.  Plan on using about three (3) bracelets each day, so you’ll probably go through the included straps in just ten days, then need to order and wait for more.

Be prepared to spend extra $25 (+shipping) for replacement bracelets! Each time your child needs to wash, you must cut the bracelet to remove the TGuard. If your child washes their hands just three times per day, you’ll run out of the included bracelets in ten days (TGuard recommends a thirty-day program).

Aerothumb aerofinger vs NIPIT

The AeroFinger covers two fingers at once and works by eliminating the vacuum effect from the finger sucking habit. The Aero-Finger is an improvement in itself and is designed with additional vented slots on the sides of the silicone rubber to allow airflow and reduce trapped moisture. Both anti-finger sucking devices work by eliminating sucking pleasure. While trapping of slobber and germs due to sucking is not completely eliminated with the Aerofinger, it is greatly improved.

The silicone device is designed to be worn on any two adjacent fingers (but not the thumb, that is what the AeroThumb is for). The product comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. Measuring the child’s hand before ordering is very important for a correct fit.

  • Small: for children ~ 2-4 years old, who weigh < 40 pounds
  • Medium: for children ~ 5-6 years old, who weigh 40-55 pounds
  • Large: for children 7 and older, who weigh > 55 pounds
  • Order a smaller size if the child is thinner, or taller, than an average child of their age;  or order a larger size if the child is heavier, or shorter, than an average child of their age.
  • Tguard designed the product to work on any two adjacent fingers.  As can be imagined, the pinky is not the same size as the middle digit so getting the right size for effectiveness and comfort can be tricky.  If your child is able to wiggle fingers out of the device, use a second bracelet to strap the device around the palm of the hand – but while this can solve the problem it’s a lot of trouble to take on/off the device throughout the day.
tguard aerofinger small

The wearability is our harshest critique of the  kit. Getting the right size and fit is necessary for it to be effective but even with the right size, the discomfort is still a factor. Soft fabric finger gloves such as the Glovey Huggey will stretch and conform, but TGuard’s silicone is hard against the soft skin between the fingers. For some children, chaffing can occur between the fingers due to constant contact and rubbing (if this happens, use band-aids in the areas where the rubbing occurs).  Other kids chew on the tips of the soft silicone when they do not get the satisfaction from sucking. In cases like these, some parents will use this kit with other products such as bitter nail polish.

The Tguard are secured around the wrist first with a small plastic piece that hold the device in place before applying the disposable bracelet.  Without this little “Instalock” piece, the device will not be able to be secured on the body.  It is important not to lose it (replacements are available on their website for a few dollars).  The included instructions and user guide cover all the things you should consider as you decide to help your child stop the habit using this product, so do take the time to read it.  The backside of the user guide server as a chart for your child to track the number of nights they have been wearing the product using the star stickers (also included).  It is a grey scale picture of the night sky with some trees.

The Tguard company, around since the 1990’s, has made improvements to their two products in the last few years.   The product is FDA listed medical grade silicone rubber, made in the USA, BPA and phthalate free.  They offer a 30 money back guarantee from the date of purchase and have phone and email customer support.

Problems with products that come in multiple sizes: You may decide that now is the time for your child to end digit sucking. You may decide soon after starting a program that it may be better to wait a few months for one reason or another, an illness, an issue at school or maybe interrupting your child’s habit may be harder than you originally thought.  You may invest in a solution to stop the habit today, but after a growth spurt the product you purchased no longer fits.  At the Tguard Aerofinger price point we suggest to be sure you are ready to stop the habit.

stop thumb sucking thumbs down


  • The TGuard AeroFinger is for the serious finger sucker who need a device secured that cannot be removed.
  • FDA approved rubber, breaks the vacuum and removed pleasure of sucking.
  • Collects germs and slobber, may not work if child switches fingers.

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  1. What a waste! I ordered on Amazon to fit my 2 year old. I thought my daughter may be too small and in fact she is. It is quite large on her, although it stays on, but she can’t do anything while wearing it. She can’t pick anything up or hold a spoon, and when I take it off she holds her two fingers straight even when not wearing it. Now she chews on it and it really does get filled with spit and stays wet.

  2. I got good customer support from the tguard through their website but the product did not work because my daughter would take it off, even with the straps on. She is five years old. Replacement straps are too expensive too, I had to pay an extra $30 for more. Two stars instead of one because of nice people on their customer support.

  3. Our son is 2 1/2 years old and keeps figuring out how to move it off his little fingers despite how tight I make the straps. I have even tried using 2 straps one around his palm area and one around his wrist.

    We tried for over a week to get him to keep it on and not mess with it. We will try it again soon as he has started wanting to suck his fingers again.

    1. TGuard does not make such a product. I suggest an elbow guard, I’ve heard of people using the Nipit with autistic children who need to limit hand-to-face habits.