Nixxit Review

Nixxit Review

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It is odorless, colorless, and dries matte, without a shine.

There is no evidence to prove the product has been safety-tested.

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Nail biting might seem like a small nuisance to some people, but if you constantly suffer from this stressful habit, you know how truly frustrating it can be. While it’s unsavory and unattractive, nail biting may also lead to infections or even long-term health problems. Fortunately, help is available if you’re struggling with this challenging issue. Products such as Nixxit for nail biting may be an option for your nail biting habit. Read this detailed Nixxit review so you can determine if Nixxit is the right product for you.

What is Nixxit?

Nixxit is a line of products that get designed to reduce nail biting. They offer two different anti nail biting formulas, one for adults and another for children. The difference is that the children’s formula also helps children stop thumb sucking. Both products contain bitter ingredients that taste extremely unpleasant when in contact with the lips or mouth. While the Nixxit for nail biting product is unavailable in brick-and-mortar stores until 2022, it is currently available online. You can purchase the adult or children’s version online at Walmart, Amazon, or the Nixxit website for $14.95 retail.

Anti-Nail Biting Polish DOES NOT WORK for thumb suckers at night. It is designed for daytime nail biters – obviously it won’t work while your child is sleeping and their taste buds are turned off. Children under four years old don’t dislike the taste because they haven’t yet developed a bad taste for it yet. Some kids get used to the bitter flavor unless it is very, very strong. Nail polish was developed for nails, not thumbs.

How Does Nixxit Work?

Both the adult and children’s version of Nixxit contains a bitter agent called Denatonium Benzoate, which is found in virtually all anti nail biting products. The solution is applied to the fingernails using a pen applicator. Ideally, the foul, bitter-tasting solution is transferred to the mouth when a nail biter tries to chew fingernails. The taste should discourage repetitive hand-to-mouth habits and thus presumed to prevent nail biting.

Nixxit Ingredients

According to the Nixxit for nail biting website, the ingredients are Water, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Glycereth-2 Cocoate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Denatonium Benzoate.

However, according to actual packaging, Nixxit ingredients also include Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, and Isobutylparaben. This information is noteworthy because the manufacturers of Nixxit claim the product is paraben-free, yet clearly, some lots contain parabens, which may cause skin irritations or even cancer.

Is Nixxit Easy to Apply?

Yes. Simply remove the cap, twist the end until the solution saturates the brush, and apply modestly to each fingernail. The pen application makes it easy to use the formula with one hand.

Nixxit Pros

  • It is odorless, colorless, and dries matte, without a shine.
  • The pen applicator makes it easy to brush on the treatment.
  • The packaging includes a daily checklist to measure your progress.
  • The Nixxit children’s formula offers a money-back guarantee (the adult formula does not appear to do this).
  • Nixxit claims their “fun packaging” is an attractive benefit to their children’s formula.
  • You can use the solution on the skin, so it may be a deterrent for thumb sucking or cuticle chewing as well as a nail biting preventative.
  • Nixxit for nail biting is reasonably priced and relatively affordable compared to other products of the same type.

Nixxit Cons

The disturbing discrepancies of Nixxit ingredients indicate the manufacturer is either untrustworthy or needs to update its packaging details. It is worrisome that the consumer may unknowingly receive a parabens product when the company claims the treatment is paraben-free.

  • Neither the adult nor the kid’s formula contains nutritious ingredients such as vitamin E to benefit the healing process of nail biting.
  • There is no information on the website regarding how long it takes for the solution to dry once applied.
  • While the back of the adult packaging gives a brief weekly run-down of what the consumer may expect throughout treatment, it is a weak effort for support. Other products provide a helpful kit with a myriad of tools, resources, and behavioral guides that are far more effective.
  • The children’s formula claims to get made in the USA. However, the manufacturer does not state where the adult formula gets made.
  • Nixxit claims both adult and kids formulas are 100% safe. However, there is no evidence to prove the product has been safety-tested.
  • The formula is not long-lasting and needs to be applied every three hours or more frequently, depending upon hand-washing.
  • Some consumers report the bitter agent is not strong enough and thus ineffective for prohibiting nail biting or thumb sucking.

Nixxit for Thumbsucking

Because the treatment can is usable on the skin it is labeled as a thumb sucking preventative. It may be effective for this purpose because of the bitter tasting agents in the solution. Ideally, a child gets repelled by the terrible taste of the solution on their thumb. Thus, it reduces attempts to put the thumb in their mouths.

That said, parents should know that a successful cure for the thumb sucking habit is contingent upon a many-sided approach. Treating thumb sucking requires several different tactics such as behavioral modification, positive reinforcement, and thumb sucking guards. In other words, eliminating thumb sucking with Nixxit alone is neither recommended nor likely to be effective.


The journey to kick the nail biting or thumb sucking habit can be long and frustrating. When you’re working hard and spending money to heal and recover from these challenges, you deserve a product you can trust. The last thing you need is to get misled about a product. So, you could say that Nixxit should make better efforts at building a trustworthy product (instead of presenting pretty packaging). Nevertheless, many consumers report success in using Nixxit products. However, in light of unsettling discrepancies uncovered in this Nixxit review, it may be advisable to seek a different solution for overcoming nail biting.


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  1. Most awful product ever! I put this on my kid and maybe 5-8 mins later he went back to his habit of biting his nails. He has this look on his face and has projected all over the floor. I instantly knew the taste from the product has him vomiting.

  2. This is absolutely the WORST product I have ever tried. I got it for my 3 year old to help with her thumb sucking, as this advertises that it does. Upon applying it, we let it dry as directed and shortly after she went to suck her thumb for bed. Not even 2 minutes later she had throw up all over her clothes, on the floor next to her bed, out into the hallway and into the kitchen.

  3. This is a toxic product and irritates the stomach and mucus membranes , it can cause vomiting and blistering of the skin.