Thumbsie Review

Thumbsie Review

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Easy to use, great quality, very comfortable

Easily overcome by a willful child, easy to remove, gets dirty easily

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Thumbsie: Does It Really Work?

[$26 USD for a two, only sold in the UK]

The UK based Thumbsie is our favorite of all the fabric thumb or finger covering devices.  The 100% cotton handmade digit covers come in over 30 different fabric patterns, giving the child the opportunity to choose, personalize and take some ownership in the habit breaking process. Both the Thumbsie finger guard and Thumbsie thumb guard comprise a playful fabric cover that secures around the wrist with Velcro.  The chosen fabric is on the outside and a second layer of a neutral matching fabric on the inside. The Thumbsie is made well and should last the duration of the habit breaking process, which could be a month or more in some cases.  The main difference we see between the Thumbsie and the other fabric or knit finger coverings, is that additional care and attention to detail was given to its design.

wearing thumbsie

The Thumbsie finger guard covers two fingers at a time, while the Thumbsie thumb guard obstructs the thumb only.  Each come in five sizes, and are designed to fit kid ages 3 to 12 years.thumbsie size fit

thumbsie size fit2Thumbsie does not sell in the United States or Canada.  If they did, the UK pound sterling prices would equal about $12 each.  The company really understands the cleanliness issue with wearing something over a finger and therefore suggests you purchase three Thumbsies; a clean one for day, a clean one for night and a backup.  They have kits of 3 and 6 Thumbsies with a reward chart for approximately $40 and $70.   As with all fabric finger coverings, the item will need to be washed daily, by hand or low temperature.

This anti thumb sucking glove is a good tool, but like all soft fabric finger gloves it is easily overcome by a willful child.  Soft fabric thumbsucking gloves are intended for kids ready and self-motivated to quit, who just need a little extra reminder.  If you have a seriously addicted thumbsucker, don’t waste your time with this.  Most children succeed at stretching the fabric to pop out their thumb (or finger) and suck while mom or dad isn’t looking.  As a result, the bitter nail polish is sometimes used in combination with the thumb glove.  Some kids will just suck the thumb or finger anyway with the glove on, and like all other fabric thumb sucking gloves, Thumbsie will collect and absorb slobber and germs.  The Thumbsie will not likely withstand a determined thumbsucker or finger sucker.  These gloves are best used as a reminder not to put fingers in the mouth, not to prevent thumb sucking.

The Thumbsie fabric thumb guard includes a sticker chart as part of the stop finger sucking kit, which may also be ordered separately.  The manufacturer does a great job focusing on child motivation and setting goals, and on the power behind staying positive throughout the entire habit breaking process.  Upon successfully kicking the habit the kids will receive a personalized thumb sucking reward certificate.  The parent just needs to follow instructions included with their Thumbsie and fill out a form when the child has succeeded, and a certificate comes to the child in the mail.


  • Good reminder for kids that are self-motivated and ready to break the habit.
  • Soft, easy to use, good attention to detail in assembly quality.
  • Easy to remove, easily collects dirt, slobber and germs.
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  1. We love these beautiful, soft designs. Yes it is true, your child MUST be highly motivated to quit already otherwise she’ll just remove it. Especially good at night.