Nail Biting Pen from Nail Quail

Nail Biting Pen from Nail Quail

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The brush tip click-pen is easy to use for one-handed applications.

The manufacturer of Nail Quail does not disclose any information about safety testing.

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Are you plagued with the nail biting habit? If so, you’re not alone. The battle to conquer nail biting is real for millions of sufferers worldwide, and it is an ongoing plight. Thankfully, there are solutions available that can help you finally win the war against nail biting. Read on for an objective review about Nail Quail Strong Will, an anti nail biting pen that could be helpful in your pursuit to crush the nail biting habit once and for all.

What is the Nail Quail Strong Will Anti Nail Biting Pen?

This product is among many on the market that uses a bitter formula applied to the nails. When fingernails treated with Nail Quail come into contact with the mouth, it results in an extremely negative experience. The bitterness is intensely distasteful, which, in theory, is supposed to discourage nail biters from the impulse to chew their nails. The two main retailers for Nail Quail Strong Will are Amazon and the Nail Quail website, where the current retail price (on both websites) is $16.95.

Anti-Nail Biting Polish DOES NOT WORK for thumb suckers at night. It is designed for daytime nail biters – obviously it won’t work while your child is sleeping and their taste buds are turned off. Children under four years old don’t dislike the taste because they haven’t yet developed a bad taste for it yet. Some kids get used to the bitter flavor unless it is very, very strong. Nail polish was developed for nails, not thumbs.

What is the Nail Quail Strong Will Anti Nail Biting Pen?

The Nail Quail Strong Will is a nail biting pen that contains pungent ingredients applied directly to the nails, cuticles, and skin surrounding the nail. Its click-pen gets packed with an acerbic, bitter formula purported to revolt the user when in contact with the tongue or lips. Thus, the product aids the cessation of nail biting.

How Does the Nail Quail Anti Nail Biting Pen Work?

Nail Quail Strong Will anti nail biting pen works by clicking the top of the applicator until the solution begins to flow from the brush tip. Once the tip is visibly moist, you can brush the solution onto the nails, cuticles, and surrounding skin. You should click the pen a few times between each finger application. The formula dries within about 30 seconds and should be re-applied twice daily or after each hand-washing.

Nail Quail Anti Nail Biting Pen Ingredients

According to the packaging on this nail biting pen, Nail Quail ingredients include Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Denatonium Benzoate, Organic Eucalyptus Extract, Organic Ginger Root Extract, Organic Wintergreen Leaf Extract, Organic Oat Kernel Extract, Allantoin.

Nail Quail Anti Nail Biting Pen Pros

  • The brush tip click-pen is easy to use for one-handed applications.
  • You can conveniently pack in the anti nail biting pen a purse or to-go bag.
  • Nail Quail is odorless and dries clear without any sheen.
  • You can use it as a base coat, and you can apply nail polish on top.
  • It may be helpful to those who chew cuticles because you can apply it to the skin around the nails.
  • Nail Quail ingredients do not contain harmful ingredients such as lacquer, formaldehyde, parabens, or ethyl acetate.
  • This anti nail biting pen product gets made in the USA.

Nail Quail Anti Nail Biting Pen Cons

  • The Nail Quail Strong Will price-point is higher than competitors with similar applicators and volume.
  • The manufacturer of Nail Quail does not disclose any information about safety testing.
  • Testing of anti nail biting products is crucial for the safety of its users, especially young children.
  • This option is a stand-alone nail biting pen. It does not include other useful tools such as behavioral guides and additional tools that some kits on the market offer, which helps stop the nail biting habit for good.
  • Consumers report that the product does not stay long-term, thus requiring frequent reapplications, which can be a nuisance.
  • Consumers have cited several complaints that the click-pen applicator often gets stuck, plugged, or doesn’t work at all, rendering treatment useless.
  • Nail Quail Strong Will is not the strongest or safest anti-nail biting formula on the market today.


So, is Nail Quail the right product for you? It depends upon your priorities. If you’re looking for a moderate-to-mild bitter agent that is convenient to use, this anti nail biting pen might be the perfect fit for your needs. However, if you’re seeking the strongest formula on the market that has been safety-tested, you’ll need to look further. Additionally, it’s important to know that nail biting is a habit and demands a many-sided approach to ridding the behavior altogether. If you want to crush the habit at the core, it’s best to seek treatment kits that give you an array of tools that render long-term results.


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  1. My very stubborn preschooler was not swayed by this. Tried putting it on in his sleep but it wore off too quickly. Tried putting it on when he was awake but he figured how to wash it off easily. Probably would have worked better if I caught the nail biting sooner but he’s pretty entrenched now.

  2. The clicking mechanism is obnoxiously loud and not very effective. The instructions direct you to click twice between each finger but I often have to click more than that to get the brush to moisten. But then after clicking multiple times, a large droplet of the solution will sometimes squirt out onto and all over my hands. The loudness of the clicking makes this difficult to use discreetly in public. And the fact that it’s not waterproof means that you have to reapply it frequently.

  3. when I opened the package for the first time, the product had all leaked out of the pen and into the cap. So the pen is empty and I had a puddle on my counter. This is unacceptable.

  4. its always a fight to put this on the application clicker causes too much product to come out and it can just get wiped onto blankets on contact anyways, the taste is absolutely repulsive i cant enjoy anything i eat afterwards even after washing my hands lips and tongue, i would consider it abusive to continue using this as there is no real safety information and it just seems like a cruel quick fix.