Glovey Huggey Review: Finger & Thumb Sucking Gloves

Glovey Huggey Review: Finger & Thumb Sucking Gloves

Price: $40

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Soft and easy to use, with fun fabric patterns

Easy to remove, can still suck thumb or fingers with it on

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Glovey Huggey: Does It Really Work?

Glovey Huggey is a comfortable cute glove that fits either the right or left hand, thumb for finger sucking, for ages 2-8. These spandex thumb sucking gloves sold as a pair, making the price point is a good value since about one in five kids will switch the fingers during the habit breaking process. They are super easy to put on and take off and come in an assortment of happy patterns.

  • Thumb gloves cost $30
  • Finger gloves cost $40

glovey huggey sucking

If you decide to use a sort of finger cover to try breaking the habit, the cover will need to be changed and washed as often (or more often) than you change your clothes.  The hand and fingers touch everything, so the gloves need to be washed or changed frequently.  It is easier to buy a couple so you always have a clean one on hand (Haha). They wash and dry easily.

Soft fabric thumb sucking gloves are intended for kids ready and self-motivated to quit, who just need a little extra reminder. If you have a seriously addicted thumbsucker, don’t waste your time with this. Most kids who try to stretch the fabric and pop their thumb (or finger) out to suck on it while mom isn’t looking, will succeed. Some parents will use finger gloves in combination with the icky tasting nail polish. Some kids will just suck the thumb or finger anyway with the glove on! So like all other fabric thumb sucking gloves, these will collect and absorb slobber and germs. The Glovey Huggey will not likely hold up for the determined thumb or finger sucker. These gloves are best used as a reminder not to put the finger in the mouth, not an anti thumb sucking device.

Although the snaps themselves are fairly strong, the Glove Huggy workmanship is not very durable as the snaps are prone to tearing away and seams will not hold if the fabric stretches too much when the child is trying to remove the glove.  In some cases the child will chew on them and this can lead to additional wear and tear.

We feel Huggey Glovey has done a good job with the sizing of their thumb and finger sucking gloves. There are just two sizes, small for ages 2-4, and large for ages 5-8.  You may find some homemade versions of this type of product from crafty folks online, but time you will spend trying to figure out if the sizing and materials are any good may be a waste of time.


Glovey Huggey was developed by a mom looking for a thumb sucking solution for her own child who tried everything else. A parent should supervise and monitor the habit breaking process. If you think your child has the motivation to quit and just needs a gentle reminder this product might be a good place to start. Thumb sucking gloves will not stand in the way of developing the fine motor skills at home or at school with the gloves on. The gloves can easily be removed for washing hands or eating. While you wouldn’t need to remove them for eating, you might want to as to now get spaghetti sauce on them and keep them clean!

Your child might be motivated by the color and pattern choices and it includes a free plush toy in a gift box that you might use for a little extra motivation or as a reward.  You may be surprised by your child’s response to hearing a glove, it may not even occur to them to take the glove off! There is a Spiderman looking fabric thumb guard pattern that could be very effective for boys. Superheroes don’t suck on their thumbs, right? Using your child’s imagination is a very effective tool for motivation or discouragement. We think the most appealing feature about the product is the pattern and color choices. Older kids may find wearing these to school a bit embarrassing. Most school-aged kids figure out quickly what the Glovey Huggey is for and this could be embarrassing for an older child. The embarrassment of having a glove to prevent thumb sucking is often a useful deterrent for the older child anyway.

If you can get rid of the night time habit the day time habit will fade away. If you are able to use the thumb sucking Glovey Huggey successfully at night (your child does not take them off or suck with it on) you should have a good chance to get over the habit during the day.

stop thumb sucking thumb up


  • Glovey Huggey a good option if your child is ready to quit and just needs a reminder.  Many designs, sizes and options available.
  • Soft and comfortable so your child will try it.
  • Easy to remove, collects slobber, dirt and germs easily.
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  1. I really love all the cute designs, so I bought two pair. Unfortunately my daughter (age 5) just pulls them off to suck her thumb 🙁