7 Videos To Help Prevent Thumb Sucking

7 Videos To Help Prevent Thumb Sucking

For most moms, thumb sucking prevention is a dreadful topic. It is a journey that requires loads of commitment and patience for both the thumb sucker and the parent.

Below are five videos to help you prevent thumb sucking, which may help you identify what works best for your thumb sucking kid.

 1. Nipit Hand Stopper for Digit Sucking

For a very long time, the Nipit Hand Stopper has been known as an incredible tool to prevent thumb sucking. It obstructs the thumb from comfortably reaching the mouth, therefore, making the exercise undesirable. You will probably need to see how the device is fixed on the thumb sucker’s arm to get a clear understanding.

2. Mavala Stop to prevent thumb sucking

This is a deterrent nail polish that is applied on the thumbs to help deter thumb sucking, although its usefulness while sleeping is very low (because the taste buds are turned off at while sleeping). Though the results are not often remarkable, especially in young children, Mavala Stop has posted positive reviews from a variety of consumers.

Although Mavala makes finger sucking an unpleasant due to its bitterness, you can see it is not so terrible to a small child whose tastes are not yet fully developed.

3. T-Guard for Non-Nutritive Digit Sucking

The T-guard, an example of a thumb guard, and for some is an effective way to break the finger sucking habit. It is made of a soft rubber (silicone), and vented so that suction cannot occur, and thereby the pleasure is removed.  It is worn on the thumb.  Downsides are that each time the child needs to wash hands, the Tguard must be removed, and each time a new band replaced – 30 pcs are included, and replacement sets cost $25.

4. Glovey Huggey to Prevent Thumb Sucking

This is a low-cost thumb sucking glove that is widely used among older kids who are ready and motivated to quit and finally prevent thumb sucking. The Glovey Huggey works like a thumb guard by going over the hand but does not prevent suction, so it is just a mild deterrant.  Many kids remove it or suck right with it on

 5. Thumbsie for Digit Sucking

A Thumbsie does help with thumb sucking prevention and has some moderate success, as per the customer review given. One major downside is about hygiene; the Thumbsie device collects dirt which can end up in the mouth.


It is indisputable that every parent should endeavor to prevent thumb sucking at the earliest opportunity to avoid the downsides that it results in. The scarry outcome that happened to a kid who did not prevent thumb sucking before his permanent teeth settled in. It is something you surely don’t want to see in your kid!