Bribery is best

My son had a huge problem with thumb sucking teeth. He was one of those aggressive suckers, who seemed hell bent on destroying his teeth and my wallet over braces. Being that he was 5 at the time, I was worried not only about his teeth, but also his health and school experiences. He always had one of his thumbs and/or fingers in his mouth. I was asking myself questions like ‘If I don’t stop this soon, will he be bullied over his habit?’ and ‘How many germs is he putting in his mouth?’ I had to do something to stop this behavior. For a 5 year old, he was quite cunning, I knew that not even the Nipit could stop him. So, I tried this simple trick. I told him that if he stopped sucking, every time I went to the store I would buy him a new pack of Pokémon cards. Long story short, he’s in 2nd grade, and has a lot of Pokémon cards.