thumb sucking boy control it

Control-It couldn’t control his sucking

When my son’s dentist appointment had ended, as per usual, they gave me the update. They said his teeth looked great and he’d significantly approved from his last visit. Although, they’d seen a curvature begin to form in his front teeth. They then asked me whether he sucked his thumb a lot, I said that he did. They told me this would lead to problems in the future if this habit wasn’t broken. Quickly, I asked what I should do about this, he pulled out a small container of Control-It and handed it to me. He told me to apply it to his fingers and the bitter taste should keep them out of his mouth. I did as instructed, and it was a disaster. I had to apply it every time he got his hands wet. The container went fast and the taste was ineffective. I tried a little bit myself and found that it was very weak. Luckily, I found this cite and immediately purchased a pair of Nipit hand stoppers. Needless to say, the Nipits went onto his arms, and the Control-It into the trash.