Positive encouragement is the best treatment

Positive encouragement is always the best antidote, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I’d tried everything to try to get my child to stop, even the Nipit didn’t work. He would always rub the ends against the wall so it would fall off. Finally, I tried positive encouragement. I started off by saying how cool he was whenever he had his thumb out of his mouth. Then, when he came home from school one day, I dipped my hand into our precious cookie jar. I pulled It out and held it in front of him, he waited with expectant eyes. Then I gave it to him, he devoured it without a second thought. Then, once he had finished it, he asked for another. I told him he could have another one tomorrow, if didn’t suck his thumb. When he was around me, I found zero thumb sucking. At the parent-teacher conferences I asked whether the teacher had seen him sucking his thumb. She told me no. So, as a piece of advice, invest in a glass jar, and get some cookies.