Thumb Sucking Teeth…A Big NO!

Encourage your child to stop thumb sucking!

As a mother , one of my biggest worries are thumb sucking teeth. Though it is used for comfort , we need to be realistic on how bad it can effect your child's beautiful smile. Lets go down the list of why you should encourage them not to use their thumb sucking as a source of comfort. For starters , did you know that it can cause problems with the proper growth and alignment of their teeth, yes you read that right . Thumb sucking can and will cause crooked teeth, slanted teeth, and even cause problems with jaw alignment , isn't that scary? It isn't easy breaking this habit, infact it's harder to break your child from thumb sucking versus using a pacifier . To sum it all up , thumb sucking teeth can cause a domino effect on your child's dentist health, and should be encouraged not to do.