Easy Ways To Stop Thumb Sucking

If your kid is sucking his thumb at the age of three, it is time you started thinking how you can assist him to drop the habit. This is because his permanent teeth will erupt in just a two or three years and you don’t want to see him with misaligned teeth or other negative jaw deformations. Address is painlessly today and keep it simple.

There are numerous easy ways to stop thumb sucking at your disposal. Keep in mind, none of these are effortless, all require your intervention as a parent:

Even before you think of visiting a dentist about a recommendation, there are a number of uncomplicated home remedies to stop thumb sucking that have given positive results for those who have tried.

Such methods like wrapping the thumb with a bandage, wearing gloves, and applying some lime juice  and a dash of cayenne pepper on the finger tips are ways to break the habit, but not recommended.

Additionally, constantly reminding him to stop thumb sucking, distracting your child by keeping him busy, and eliminating such triggers as stress will work magic for your child.


1. Easy Ways To Stop Thumb Sucking using Obstructive Devices

This involves the use of devices that obstruct the thumb from comfortably landing in the mouth, making the whole exercise unpleasant. These include thumb guards like Nipit Hand Stopper, T-Guard, and Thumbsie, among others.

2. Easy Ways To Stop Thumb Sucking using Deterrents

These are remedies that act as a constant reminder to stop thumb sucking. These include nail polish for thumb sucking like Mavala Stop, Hoof Stop the bite, and Magique Nobite treatment, among others. These do not work for thumb sucking on very small children because their taste buds are not yet developed enough, and it also does not work for night-time digit suckers because the taste buds are turned off while sleeping.

3. The Best Way To Stop Thumb Sucking

So much has been said about different methods, some getting remarkable reviews While others are said to perform dismally. While one method may work for a certain person, it may not deliver desirable results to yet another person. It is, therefore, important for you to consider a number of factors before making a decision on which method to settle on.

a) Age Of Your Kid

When your child is too young, there are remedies that will not work; for instance, the nail polish for thumb sucking. The taste buds for the young kid are yet to develop, therefore, he may not notice the bitter taste. This means your child will not be deterred from thumb sucking.

Older kids also need to quit the habit soonest possible, lest they are caught up with by the setting on of the permanent teeth. If your kid is already four years, you need a method that will deliver credible results within the shortest time.

b) The Extent of Addiction to the Habit

A strong addiction will call for a stronger method. If your kid cannot let go of his thumb, you surely will be quite frustrated if you try using a mere glove which he can remove any time the craving strikes.

c) Willingness to Quit the Habit

There are kids who have superb determination in whatever they endeavor to do, thumb sucking included. Breaking the habit in such a kid is not that easy. In such a case, you need a method that is known to curb the worst addiction

d) Your Budget

While most of the methods will have a financial implication, their prices vary considerably. There are those that are just too costly. It is imperative that you consider your budget before settling for any method.

This takes you back to the question, which is the easiest way to stop thumb sucking?

What Is The Technique To Stop Thumb Sucking?

Thumb sucking is just a habit, not a crime. Parents should, therefore, endeavor to engage the best practices in assisting their children to drop the habit.

You should involve your child in the process so that he can be part of it. This way it will be easy to make him buy whatever the method you intend to use. You can make it interesting by rewarding your child whenever he makes progress. This can be achieved by having a reward chart which will enable you to evaluate the performance of your child. This magically motives your child to quit the habit. Appreciate that change is gradual and do not expect your child to drop the habit overnight; being over-ambitious will make you set unrealistic goals which will be such psychological torture to your child.

Avoid making the process punitive. Punishing your child is not an easy way to stop thumb sucking – positive reinforcement is always the best approach when changing a habit. These include the awful tasting polishes that leave your child wondering if you really are fighting thumb sucking or have another ill motive. Making it confrontational will affect your child’s self-esteem instead, try to recognize and appreciate him when he’s not doing it. We know you want it simple, but this isn’t a child’s play.