Nail biting polish for teenagers

Nail Biting Polish For Teenagers

Did you know that around 50% of all teens bite their nails? It’s an icky habit that can lead to infection, illness, and bleeding nails. Not to mention it’ll be hard to get those picture-perfect nails if you’re always chewing them off. There are many deterrents available to help teens stop biting their nails. 

One of the most exciting products on the market is nail biting polish for teenagers. It helps deter youth from putting their fingers in their mouth by leaving an extremely unpleasant taste behind. And it’s one of the best answers to the universal question of how to stop biting nails in teens.

Psychology & Reasons For Teenagers Biting Their Nails

Teen psychology can help us understand nail biting
Getting to the root of the problem can help us understand how to stop nail biting in teens.

Teen nail biting is a big issue. Many teens suffer from anxiety, depression, and feelings of overwhelm. An adolescent doesn’t yet have the ability to handle these very real and very strong emotions. One of the ways that they cope with it is to bite their nails. You can get a clue about the mental health of a teen just by looking at their fingernails. Chewing nails is one of the ways that these young people relieve stress and is a way for older teens and young adults to self soothe. Researchers show that nail biting is a way for teens to manage their emotions more effectively.

The Triggers for Teen Nail Biting

Teens who bite their nails often do it without thinking twice. It’s become such a habit that when something triggers them, they automatically start biting their nails. Some common triggers are stress at school, fighting with their parents, struggles in relationships with boyfriends and girlfriends, and even the stress of simply growing up. When they need to overcome and manage their emotions, their nails take the hit.   

Why Teens Should Stop Biting Their Nails

It’s better to learn coping mechanisms early in life than to have to work through them as an adult. Teens should stop biting their nails because it’s a gross habit. If they bite too hard or too often, they are likely to rip the nail beds leaving them prone to infection. It can cause sickness if there are harmful germs on the fingers as well.

What Parents Can Look for in Nail Polish Products for Teens

Parents who want to help their teens stop biting their nails can use nail polish products to help. They’ll want to consider the ingredients, if their teen has an allergy to any component, and how long the polish lasts. Some products last a day or two while others last up to two weeks before they need to be reapplied. They also come in spicy or bitter tastes. Parents will need to decide which option would work best for their teen.

Pros & Cons of Nail-Biting Polish for Teens

Nail biting polish for teenagers can act as a deterrent. But it doesn’t stop teens from putting their nails in their mouths. While it tastes bad and will likely keep most people from doing it more than once, nail biting polish for teens may not be enough to keep some young people from nail biting. The pros are that they are simple, can be put on anyone, and don’t require any complicated mental gymnastics. Cons are that some of them need to be applied more than once a day, they contain ingredients that you shouldn’t consume too much of and they might not be effective on everyone.

Nail Biting Polish Products for Teenagers

Nail biting polish for teenagers
Nail biting polish for teenagers can help young adults stop chewing their nails.

There are a wide range of great products on the market. Nail biting polish for teenagers come in a variety of different options. Two of the best out there for teens are Honest 10 and Ella + Mila Nail Care. Also, catching the nail biting habit as early as possible is always recommended. For some, nail biting can occur at a very young age. If your young ones are nail biting, there are also great products to help stop nail biting in toddlers.


This product is not just the polish. Honest10 comes as a kit including nail grooming tools, nail polish, stickers and a chart to track progress. Teens love to track their progress visually and the product itself tastes extremely bitter, which is good news if you want to keep your hands out of your mouth. In addition, the Honest10 nail polish formula is safety tested in the highest standards, along with being approved by dermatologists and pediatricians. If you’re looking for nail polish to stop biting nails, this product we strongly recommend.

Ella + Mila Nail Care

Ella + Mila has created a bitter nail polish product that will deter just about anyone from biting their nails. Ella + Milla makes for a great product, but the bitter flavor in the nail polish can gradually weaken and lead to having to reapply the nail polish over and over again.

While teens may bite their nails, it’s a habit that they can break. With the right tools in place and maybe some stop biting nail polish, they can overcome this habit, keep their fingers and their body healthy from the germs that hands pick up every day.