Nail Biting Infections

If you think nail biting isn’t such a big deal, then think again. Chronic fingernail biting for adults and children is certainly an unsavory habit, but it can also result in some serious health problems.  For instance, a painful nail biting infection may crop up which, if left unchecked, could lead to amputation of the finger or sepsis and may become life-threatening.  In light of these unsettling facts, keep reading to learn more about child nail biting infections, adult nail biting, infection treatment, and more.

Origin of Nail Biting Infections

As mentioned, nail infections are a very real condition and can have a negative impact on your or your child’s health. And if you’ve ever asked, “Can you get an infection from biting your nails?” The answer is – yes, absolutely.  The main culprit for nail infections is from constantly chewing nails, cuticles, and the skin around nails. Fingertips get tender after continuously enduring damage from biting which causes open sores.  The dirt and bacteria found in and around the nails then enter into these sores which may develop an infection.  Left untreated, infections can become worse, requiring drastic corrective treatment.

What is Paronychia?

Paronychia is a tissue infection that commonly manifests around the fingernail. It can be caused by injury or trauma to the nail bed as well as caused by nail irritations such as cuticle damage, or hangnails.  The most common cause of paronychia is nail biting. Paronychia can surface when bacteria enter broken skin around the nail bed prompted by chewing or injury. An infected finger from biting nails comes in two different forms, acute and chronic paronychia.

Acute paronychia develops over a short amount of time and the infection is minor. With regular over-the-counter treatment, this acute infection should go away in a few days.  Chronic paronychia is much more severe. It develops slowly over time and can last up to 6 weeks or longer.  This chronic infection may affect more than one nail, and in serious cases, a physician or dermatologist should be seen for treatment.

Symptoms of a Nail Biting Infection

Symptoms of nail infection can start showing within hours or days and may worsen the longer the infection goes untreated.  Symptoms of paronychia include sensitivity or soreness around the nail, swelling, and redness where the skin and the nail meet.  You may also notice a fever or a pulse around the fingertip, which is a common sign of infection. 

In an advanced nail biting infection, pus can build up under the skin. This is a buildup of white blood cells trying to fight the infection. It shows up as a thick, yellow (or in severe cases green) ooze.  If left untreated, pus will develop into an abscess at which point a doctor must be consulted.

Nail Biting Infection Treatment

Treating an extreme nail biting infection, such as chronic paronychia, medical treatment from a dermatologist or general medical practitioner is likely the best course of action.  Once analyzed, the doctor will prescribe oral antibiotics to kill the infection. The physician may also drain the pus buildup in the wound. In some instances, a doctor may want to take a sample of the fluid and send it to a lab to see if there are other underlying causes for the infection.

Thankfully, most cases are simple bouts of acute paronychia and can be easily treated. Treat the infected nail area by keeping it super clean to avoid the spread of bacteria and to prevent the infection from getting worse. You can also get an over-the-counter antibacterial topical ointment and apply this to the infected area according to package directions. Your best bet to treat a nail biting infection is prevention.  This means taking actionable steps to stop nail biting so you or your child can avoid infections altogether.  

Prevention is the Best Medicine

When you’re constantly biting skin around nails, infection, painful sores and unsightly nails are just some of the nuisances that go along with the nail biting habit. With all of these drawbacks, the clear solution to ridding yourself or your child of discomfort is to stop the nail biting habit for good. This is especially true if the nail biting infection persists or your own condition keeps flaring up and causing problems. So if you’re wondering how to stop nail biting in children or for yourself, read on for tips on preventing infections by crushing the nail biting habit.

How to Kick the Habit

There are many ways to break the nail biting habit.  The best solution for you or your child is one that considers your situation and your needs.  For instance, some children respond well to some treatments on the market, while other kids show no response to anti-nail biting products. 

What’s important to remember here is that a full-spectrum approach must be taken with yourself or your child in mind when vanquishing the nail biting habit. To explain, no one single product on the market is guaranteed to stop you or your child from chewing nails. Furthermore, some anti-nail biting products on the market are better than others. 

The best way to kick the habit is to choose a supportive, safety-tested, all-inclusive anti-nail biting kit.  All-in-one kits have everything you need to ensure long-term success for breaking the nail biting habit. One such kit is provided by Honest10 and includes the resources, tools, and a treatment solution that is far superior to other products on the market.

Honest10 provides a holistic approach to the nail biting habit, and their all-in-one kit includes a hangnail trimmer, a two-sided nail file on a keychain, and one of the strongest anti-nail biting polishes on the market today. Furthermore, the Honest10 anti-nail biting polish is made in the USA and safety-tested. It is also pediatrician approved so it’s safer for your children than other products.  What’s unique about Honest10 is that it includes a progress chart calendar and motivational tools to keep you or your child on track to kick the habit for good. 

Beat Nail Biting Infections Today

A nail biting infection is a tremendous inconvenience, to say the least. It can also be a major health issue if it gets worse or goes without treatment. The best way to avoid these irritating inflammations is to set up a comprehensive program and commit to stop biting your nails once and for all.  You and your child deserve the best overall health, and that includes healthy nails.  So do yourself a favor and start the road to healing by adopting healthier, holistic ways to help you or your child stop nail biting forever