T-Guard Coupon

Looking for a discount on the expensive T Guard thumb guard to stop thumb sucking? Searching for a coupon because the Aerothumb and Fingerguard products are too expensive? Want to save on the cost of replacement bracelets, which quickly drive your total cost to more than $100. Because of the high price this is a frequent question.

The TGuard comes with only 30 lock-bands (straps), which must be removed with scissors.  So every time your child washes their hands or removes one to eat, you’ll need another strap.  So the 30 straps will only last about 10-15 days – be prepared to spend another $30 on more straps.

The bad news is that the thumbguard company does not offer coupons or any other kind of discounts.  The lowest price is found on their website, which is about $10 less than found on Amazon (depending on which product you are looking for). There is no discount for TGuard large, TGuard medium, TGuard small, TGuard Classic, TGuard Aerothumb, or TGuard Aerofinger.

The good news is that there are alternate, more affordable and more effective devices available to break the thumb sucking habit. Check out the many thumb sucking product reviews HERE to find cheaper ways to quit sucking. None of the companies offer coupons, vouchers or discount codes.

Keep in mind that the upfront expense of a thumb sucking product is very cheap, when compared to the long-term detrimental effects and expensive cost of braces and other corrective treatments. Don’t wait, buy now and spare yourself future expenses and troubles.