Nail Biting Polish for Toddlers

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Having a toddler that is biting their nails can be worrisome and frustrating. Trying to
figure out why you have a 2 year old nail biting and deciding how to best address the
issue is no small task. Many parents have been able to help their little ones put this
habit to rest by using nail biting polish for toddlers to deter them. Bitter nail polish can be
a useful tool to prevent & stop nail biting in toddlers. Some anti nail biting polish for
toddlers could be the solution to help them stop putting his/her fingers into their mouth.

Why Might a Toddler Start Nail Biting?

Toddlers may bite their nails for a variety of reasons. Simple curiosity may drive them
to nail biting. They might mimic an adult that they see nail biting in their presence.
Some toddlers may be driven to nail biting by anxiousness or nervousness. It can be a
habit or fidget when they become bored as a form of self- stimulation. Stress and
anxiety can be a trigger for some to start nail biting. A recent routine change or a trauma
can also cause toddlers to bite their nails.

Can Nail Biting Be Harmful to a Toddler?

Onycophagia, the compulsive habit of nail biting, can cause some nasty problems. A
toddler putting his/her fingers in their mouth introduces germs and bacteria. There can
be yeast or fungus growing on or under fingernails. This could cause illness or
infections for the toddler. Nail biting can lead to dental problems like gum disease,
inflammation and infections in the mouth. It can also cause chipped or broken teeth.

Nail biting can result in them scraping off the enamel that protects the teeth caused by
the repetitive scraping of the fingernails against the teeth.

What Techniques Might Curb Nail Biting in a Toddler?

When a toddler is nail biting a parent might become frustrated and feel tempted to
punish them for the compulsive behavior. In actuality that could exacerbate the problem
by causing fear, stress and anxiety. Instead of punishments the parents might try gentle
techniques to find solutions on how to stop toddlers from biting nails.

Reminding the toddler when he/she is nail biting could help make them
more aware they are nail biting and how often it is occurring. Informing a toddler that
nail biting could break their teeth might cause a second thought to enter their mind
before putting fingers in their mouth. Parents could try relaxation techniques with their
toddler to try to prevent anxiety causing the behavior. Placing something in their hands
when nail biting starts, like a toy or a book, could help as well. However, if these
techniques do not rid the habit, looking to nail biting polish for toddlers can be a great
next step.

How Does Nail Biting Polish for Toddlers Work?

Nail biting polish for toddlers is a great tool to get them to stop chewing their nails. Just
one strip of the polish makes the fingernail taste bitter. Simply warning a toddler about
how bad the anti nail biting polish will taste can sometimes be enough to stop them from
putting their hands anywhere near their mouth. If they forget they’re wearing the stop
nail biting polish for toddlers and decide to put their fingers in their mouth. The bitter nail
polish taste will take effect and he/she will quickly pull their fingers away from their
mouth. Nail biting polish for toddlers is a safe, non toxic way for parents to help their
toddler stop this habit early on, preventing future dental and health issues.