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ThumbGuard by TGuard $45

ThumbGuard by TGuard

  • Effectiveness
  • Sanitary & Health
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Comfort

PROS: FDA-approved safe materials, difficult to remove by child.

CONS: Collects dirt and germs, uncomfortable, hard silicone obstructs hand use.


The ThumbGuard, now known as the TGuard Classic, is made of a flexible, clear FDA-approved materials and is designed to stop thumb sucking in children. The thumb sucking guard, also known as the T-Guard, is fastened to the wrist using colorful disposable Tguard bracelets. Use scissors to remove. How does the thumbguard work? By covering the thumb and leaving an air gap, the child cannot create a suction, so they lose the feeling of comfort and eventually stop the thumbsucking habit. The concept is smart, you let the child continue to put their thumb in their mouth, and by removing the benefit they are inclined to quit on their own. Still, your child’s motivation is essential to success. If they are unmotivated, or you are unwilling to support them during the process of breaking a strong habit, their chances for success are greatly diminished.

Although it is made of safe materials, the child still puts his or her mouth onto the silicone and it collects wet slobber and germs, which can be spread.  Some people have complained that pet hair and dust gets collected on the wet device, and then their child puts that into the mouth at night.  Also, kids commonly like to chew on the rubber.

Tguard product

The thumb sucking guard Tguard Classic comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Small is for ages 3-4, medium for 5-6, and large for 7-10. This product is not for adult thumb sucking. The manufacturer does not specify an upper age limit, but due to its maximum size it won’t fit larger children. Moreover, due to the way it looks and possible embarrassment when worn, older children and adults are usually unwilling to wear it. If you want to use the thumbguard for babies be sure to order the smallest one. For very small children, babies, or infants, be aware that because their thumbs are so small, that they can slip their wet thumb out of the device – this does not happen with all small children, but it is a commonly reported reason for failure.

Tguard bracelets thumb suckingThe product has been effective for many children so it deserves a good rating. But there are some drawbacks too. While TGuard is simple in principal, the disposable bracelets can be difficult to put on and the child cannot do it on their own.  And to remove it scissors must be used.  Further, replacement Tguard bracelets are expensive, and your child does not quit the habit quickly you’ll find yourself spending another $25!

A benefit is that it is clear so you can see when slobber or dirt builds up and it is time to clean. When sized correctly, the Tguard Classic also stays on well using the disposable snap-on colorful Tguard bracelets. And, as long as it stays on your thumbsucker won’t continue enjoying the sensation and indeed has a good chance at successfully quitting the habit. Please remember, as you will read repeated throughout this review site, positive encouragement and parent involvement, incentives and even bribery are key to getting your child motivated to quit. If your child is motivated chances for success, with any product and even with breaking any habit, is greatly increased.

There are some drawbacks to the thumb sucking guard. The ThumbGuard looks “uncool” and isn’t very comfortable when worn. Does that really matter? Actually YES, because you want to get your child motivated and excited to quit sucking thumb.  Thumbsucking is often an embarrassment to children of at least five years old (size medium or large), and wearing the tguard over the hand is not desirable.  Its functionality is equally as important as its comfort, and if your child is old enough to care then so is its “cool factor.” Many people have also reported that children are able to slide their thumb out when it gets wet from slobber, and older children are able to easily cut the paper Tguard bracelets. If you have it sized correctly this should be less of a problem.  This demonstrates the difference between a motivated and unmotivated child – a motivated child really just needs the reminder, and will not cut the bracelets because they are grateful to have a device to help them.

  • FDA approved safe materials
  • effective for more that 50%
  • colorful Tguard bracelets
  • collects slobber and germs, kids may chew on it
  • expensive
  • uncomfortable

The manufacturer of the T-Guard also is inventor of the fingerguard for finger sucking. The company also offers multiple sizes for the finger guard and thumbguard. Their multi-product line is a good sign that the company and products have marketplace acceptance. If purchased directly from the manufacturer you are offered a 30-day money back guarantee. If you think you might use the 30-day money back guarantee, save all of the packaging and everything that came in the box, because in order to get your refund you must return everything within the time window. You’ll also be responsible for your own shipping charges plus 15% restocking fee. This return policy applies to all of the products including those for fingers and thumbs.

For reference, below is a photo of the fingerguard next to the thumb guard.

Tguard fingerguard Tguard thumbguard


Most of the time you will find the thumbguard offered in pairs of two for over $70! This is the most expensive device to stop the thumb sucking habit. Most of the time though, a child has developed a habit of sucking only one thumb so two Tguard Classic are unnecessary (however the company suggests that most children will switch thumbs, whereas our data suggests that 25% will). Seriously stubborn suckers may switch to the opposing hand, particularly at nighttime when sleeping. When the hand switching does happen, it is response during the first few days. For these reasons, we recommend that if you have decided this is the best product for your child, buy one and test it out. If your child stops thumbsucking on their dominant hand and switches, then buy a second thumb guard – they company does offer a discount when buying two at once.

For the seriously stubborn thumbsucker, be sure to do your research, and definitely avoid the bad-tasting nail polish like Mavala Stop. For complete stop thumb sucking guard product reviews see our homepage. We collected this information in one place to save you time.

thumb sucking applianceWe encourage you to do complete research before buying any product because your child has only limited patience when it comes to breaking the thumb sucking habit. The alternative is spending many hundreds of dollars on the “appliance” and eventually thousands of dollars on braces, or corrective surgery.


With an involved parent and motivated child, the thumbguard can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of time. As with anything online, just be aware of the pros and cons before buying to maximize your chances of success the first time.logo thumbs up


The Tugard Classic Thumb Guard breaks the vacuum suction around the thumb so the child stops getting pleasure from sucking.
FDA approved materials, children may chew on it.
Collects germs and slobber, and not very comfortable. Be sure to order the correct size.



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  1. The T-guard works great as reinforcement when your child can be convinced, or bribed to keep it on and WANTS to quit. Because of the stretchy rubber, there is no way to get it tight enough that they can’t pull the strap closures through each other and get them loose enough to get guard off if they really want to. The t guard took my kid less about fiver minutes to understand how to work this. However, with the right incentive (i.e. bribe) they will keep it on, and as long as they keep the thumb guard on it works. The Thumbguard can help them not to accidentally suck during the night and also work to remind them throughout the day – but again, getting them to wear this thing during the day can be a struggle. My child nibbles on hers, though, and the rubber can be bitten and nibbled away to reveal the thumb after a few weeks. If you are forcing this on your child – don’t waste your money. If they WANT to quit and agree they need help then this can work for you.

  2. Despite great reviews, this didn’t work for us. We gave it a good solid 3 months +. Our 4 yr old daughter began sucking her OTHER thumb. Didn’t want to purchase a second and have BOTH hands confined. So we decided to wait a little longer to reintroduce the idea, no I’m on this site looking for other ideas….hopefully she will be more at a point of WANTING to stop. I think you really need for your child to be on board and to truly want the help to stop the habit. Everyone is different, maybe the thumb guard will work for you.

  3. It’s been 3 days since we took it off (after wearing for 3.5 weeks). It was seccure but he did developt the habit of gnawing on the thing and it began to rip. I’d say the plastic needs to be harder and we put some foul-tasting substance on his favorite gnawing spots to counter the problem. In my opinion, still too expensive but can’t argue with the results when supplemented with mavala stop

  4. I tried the T Guard, and right away my son was able to pull it off. The straps are supposed to make it so the child cannot take it off, but it was so uncomfortable for him that he wouldn’t stop fussing with it. ANd kids are very creative and if they are uncomfortable it just won’t work. ANyway, the T Guard did not work for us.

  5. It worked for us in a week. My son could remove everything else, but this product actually worked. Far better than Dr. Thumb.

  6. Tried this, and besides making a mess with slobber my four year old kept removing it. Spent $45! Now I see T-Guard has another option that is supposed to be more effective but costs $60! For rubber and plastic this is way overpriced. I like the recommendation for Nipit, will try that now.

  7. My son could get his thumb out and when he left his thumb in, he sucked on it until it started to fall apart. I don’t like that we have to repurchase ties for it either. These are really expensive then you have to buy the straps. I’m going to try a differnet product.

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